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Dear future Crypto-Business Partner. 

My name is Musa “The Giant”. I have been in the Crypto-Space since September 2016. I am a Crypto-Maximalist, it would be my pleasure to assist you understand some or all of the below topics and help you get started with CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin.

My ultimate goal is to take you from a Crypto-Beginner to a Crypto-Expert within a reasonable amount of time, meanwhile you make money in the process.

Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy

DCA Strategy

DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging is, in my humble opinion the most effective, safer, and profitable investment strategy of them all. No experience is need to start using this strategy today!

Staking & Farming

Discover EXACTLY what is Crypto Staking & Farming as it relates to CryptoCurrencies. Which CryptoCurrencies to Stake & Farm . How to actually Stake & Farm Crypto.

Crypto & Forex Trading

If you have a strong basic Trading experience, you can make money faster trading Crypto-Currencies like Bitcoin. I can teach you the basics.

Trading Bots

Are you too busy and do not have time to analyze the markets and place trades manually? Trading Bots automate your trading so that you can focus on other investment opportunities.

Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Lending

Crypto Lending

Did you know that you can become a Cryto-Lender and make good returns on your Crypto through Crypto-Currency Lending platforms?

Bitcoin Mining

Crypto Mining

Learn what is Bitcoin Mining and how it works. How to invest in Bitcoin Mining and earn Bitcoins daily for a minimum of 3 years.

From Crypto-Beginner To Crypto-Expert

If you would like to get started with one or more of the above Crypto-Investment Strategies click HERE To Get A Quote , or contact me today via WhatsApp: +2772 1714 626


2 thoughts on “MusaTheGiant”

  1. Johnson Ramotsabi

    Mr Musa
    Please I need your help
    I was mining Bitcoin from mining city
    From 2019 Gold 🥇 for 3 years
    How can you help me to get my Btcv

  2. Hi Mr Johnson,

    The person who should be able to answer your questions regarding Mining City is the person who initially helped to join Mining City in the first place.

    Your Mining City upline received referral commissions and bonuses for referring you to Mining City, therefore he/she is the one who should be answering all your Mining City related questions.

    If you would like to chat with me directly and faster, WhatsApp me on: 072 1714 626

    Musa “TheGiant” a.k.a MTG
    PS: Discover how you may achieve between 5% and 8% Weekly Return On Investment. WhatsApp me now: +27721714626

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