New ways to create wealth intelligently are emerging which are available to anyone.

This is your opportunity

Financial freedom at your reach

Financial Stability that gives you freedom to enjoy your life as you always dreamed.

Intelligent Passive Income

Your plan generates an output variable from 0.5% to 3% , from Monday to Friday until your return is complete.

Plans starting from $ 100 to $ 500 USD receive 200% return .

Plans starting from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 USD receive 300% return .

We are a Digital Wealth Creator System

Kangot Review

We offer you Passive Income Plans with very Attractive Returns generated in Real Trading Activities in various Financial Markets, thus making in your crypto assets produce more crypto.

Additionally, at KANGOT we give all of our members vacation privileges:
Lodging, Preferential Rates, Cruises, etc.

We have an irresistible proposal:  
Generate assets intelligently and get a free vacation.

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This is our Philosophy

KANGOT is a combination of 2 words from the Japanese language, which represent our Business Philosophy:

KAN means Sixth Sense (intuition, gut-feeling)

GOT means Honorability (Honor, Transparency)

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Kangot Compensation Plan

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Kangot Strengths

Experienced Traders

Our capital it’s diversified into dozens of High-Performance Traders which operate in several financial markets, therefore reducing the risk, making us a solid choice for managing our members capital.


Financial Leadership

At KANGOT we carefully plan and oversee our costs, reward plans, marketing or new projects which helps us maintain a healthy balance, guaranteeing a long-term business to our Members. Always delivering on our financial expectations.

Always delivering on our financial expectations.

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Our own Specialized Systems

We have developed our own business platform, thanks to our great staff of engineers, programmers and designers, giving us complete control, having unique security protocols, the ability to react and adapt accordingly, giving us the upper hand to expand and grow.

With KANGOT...

it is time to enjoy life as you deserve it!

We are here to help you easily find the exact answers to your questions and offer you the best user experience. Our complete page offers you a clear guide whenever you need it and is dedicated exclusively to answering all your questions in a matter of minutes.

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At KANGOT we provide you with the information, resources and tools to give you the assurance, security and confidence needed to join us , we are positive you will want to recommend us to your friends and family.

  • Evidence of Trading:
    Face to face video sessions with our experienced traders.
  • School of Business:
    Personal Training System 
  • Resource Library:
    Documents, videos and presentations.
  • Customer Service :
    Through our own Ticketing System.

Kangot Frequently asked questions

Kangot is a CryptoCurrency trading company. Kangot is based in Mexico. Kangot was launched on the 23rd of March 2020. Kangot CEO is the corporate business man, Mr Roberto Gonzalez, who is a former Herbalife Sales Director.

KANGOT is a combination of 2 words from the Japanese language, which represent our Business Philosophy. KAN means Sixth Sense (intuition, gut-feeling). GOT means Honorability (Honor, Transparency)

Yes, Kangot is registered in Dubai and yes Kangot is a legit company, Kangot have 79 Traders, they trade in the Crypto & Forex markets.

Kangot pays returns of 0.5% to 3% Per Trading Day. The Minimum Investment is $100. Deposits are in Bitcoin, converted to USD. Purchases of up to $500 give a 2X Return, and Purchases of over $1000 give a 3X Return.

Yes, if you refer other investors you will get a direct Referral Bonus of 10%, Binary Bonus of 10%, Career Rank Bonuses from $50 to $200K, and Hotels & Cruises bonuses. Download presentation slides above for more info.

No Trading experience required, Kangot will trade your investment until you have received 200% or 300% ROI, depending on packages you bought.

No, recruiting is optional. You will get returns according to your investment only if you do not recruit. But if you do recruit, you will get 10% Direct Referral commissions, 10% Binary Bonuses, Rank Bonuses, and other incentives.

Yes, you can Top-Up your investment anytime, but you must top-up before your active packages expires so that you can only pay the difference.

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