SuperOne SUPER Token Private Sale Ending Soon?

Buy as many SUPER token Packages as you possible can, while you still can. You may never, ever get another chance to buy SUPER tokens for only $0.10 per token. Seize this opportunity right now, & thank yourself later ! 


$ 10
  • Get 100 SUPER
  • No NFT Cards
  • 10% Referral Bonus


$ 100
  • Get 1000 SUPER
  • Get 2 NFT Cards
  • 10% Referral Bonus


$ 500
  • Get 5,000 SUPER
  • Get 4 NFT Cards
  • 10% Referral Bonus


$ 1000
  • Get 12,000 SUPER
  • 20% Token Bonus
  • Get 6 NFT Cards
  • 10% Referral Bonus
  • 20% Staking Bonus


$ 10,000
  • Get 130,000 SUPER
  • 30% Token Bonus
  • Get 8 NFT Cards
  • 10% Referral Bonus
  • 30% Staking Bonus
Best Value


$ 50,000
  • Get 700,000 SUPER
  • 40% Token Bonus
  • Get 10 NFT Cards
  • 10% Referral Bonus
  • 40% Staking Bonus
Boss !

SuperOne Packages (Lootboxes) Explained

Superone Packages (LootBoxes) Explained
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How To Buy SuperOne Packages (Lootboxes)

How To Buy Superone Lootboxes
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How To Manually & Automatically Make Withdrawals From SuperOne

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SuperOne Teaser Video


A company operating in the gaming/advertising/crypto space, with the aim of providing millions of sporting/entertainment/other fans around the world with the means of winning cash and other instant prizes through the playing of specially developed and unique online knowledge and skill-based trivia games.

SuperOne is providing a revenue-generating opportunity to people joining as members who will financially benefit through a number of income streams: one of which is derived from fans playing the aforementioned online games.

The company was established in 2018. It was registered in Gibraltar in September 21st 2020.
Company No. 120275.

SuperOne offices are located in Oslo in Norway and Jakarta in Indonesia, whilst it’s tech team is based in New Delhi and Bangalore in India. The staff complement currently is around 40, although this number is expected to increase in time.

Not really. Whilst you fund your account with XRP, and withdraw your earnings to your external wallet in XRP, SuperOne is a Trivia Quiz and Gaming Decentralised platform.

Absolutely yes! However, the active member with a team will stand to earn more than a passive member as you will have six revenue streams as opposed to only three.

  • The three revenue streams for the passive members are: 1. NFTs 2. Advertising Spaces and 3. Staking Bonus.
  • The Six Revenue streams for the Active Members are: 1. NFTs 2. Advertising Spaces 3. Staking Bonus 4. Direct Bonus 5. Binary Bonus and 6. the Matching Bonus.

Yes, simply buy your LootBoxes/Packages, stake your SUPER tokens and NFTs, and you will earn passive income without lifting a finger!

SuperOne is certainly no scam or Ponzi scheme, however, it could quite possibly be seen as a get-rich-quick scheme, depending on how hard one works the business.

Nope, no need to recruit in order to possibly turn $10 into $1000 or $100 into $10,000. All you need to do is to buy at least one SUPER token package worth only $10 (you get 100 SUPER tokens), $100 (you get 1000 SUPER tokens). Of course, you can buy as many SUPER token packages as you can, BEFORE the private sale ends!

The price of SUPER token is projected to be worth at least $14 per token when SuperOne has at least 1,5 million paying game players. But let’s say you purchased 100 SUPER tokens with your $10, when the price of one SUPER token is worth just $10 per token, that would mean that your 100 SUPER tokens are worth $1000! If you purchased 1000 SUPER tokens, that would mean that you would have turned $100 into $10,000! Although nothing is guaranteed, but it could be that simple! Give a try 👍

If you do refer others by sharing your referral link with them, you will get 10% direct, instant referral commissions when those people buy any LootBoxes/Packages. If/whenever the same person buys more LootBoxes, you keep getting your 10% instant commissions and you can withdraw your commissions instantly or use them to buy more bigger LootBoxes/Packages.  

This depends on your affordability and comfort level, but ideally the Gold (or higher) for the simple reason that from the Gold upwards, you get tokens in the Superpool, which seed daily and accumulate. These can be viewed as shares in the company and could and very likely will, grow into something valuable over time.

Yes, there are regular live Zoom Calls from Monday to Thursday. Everything is explained live, all questions answered, the back-office explained, and more training. Please click the WhatsApp link below, join my Team’s WhatsApp group to get the exact live Zoom Presentation schedule 👇

Download & Study These Important Documents

You Will Get Two or Three Chances In Life To Be At The Right Place, At The Right Time, with The Right Opportunity! SuperOne Is One Of Those Rare Times!

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